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This block is interesting in that you can use any value of color in any of the three positions of the block and each one will look great, and totally different than any other combination of the same colors. The blocks above are all the same block, using all the same colors.

You may use three different colors for this block, or three different values of the same color.
If you choose to use three different colors, you will want them to contrast with each other.

Yellow, white and blue are all fine and could be used in either order.

If you choose to use the same color, you will want a light, medium and a dark.

All are good, because they contrast. Either choice, you want contrast.

So you know which fabric is which, label them, Fabric #1, Fabric #2 and Fabric #3. All of the diagrams will all be in gray so you don't get confused. That makes your labeling your fabrics very important.

These directions are for a 12 inch finished block, more sizes are listed below.

Fabric # 1 - Cut four 2 1/2 inch squares, two 4 7/8 inch squares and one 5 1/4 inch square.
Fabric # 2 - Cut one 5 1/4 inch square, one 4 1/2 inch square and four 2 7/8inch squares.
Fabric # 3 - Cut two 5 1/4 inch squares.
Let's get rid of all of those 5 1/4 inch squares first. Cut each one in quarters diagonally.

Remember that you are working with bias edges, so handle these all carefully. Don't stretch them as you work with them.

First put a #1 and #3 together like this, and then a #3 and a #2 like this. Press to the dark.

And then you can sew the two of those together.

These should be 4 1/2 inches when done.

You need four squares like this for your block.

We are not quite done with bias edges, a few more to get rid of. Take your 2 7/8 inch squares and cut them in half diagonally. Now place one triangle on either side of your 2 1/2 inch squares as shown here. Press to the square.

Take your 4 7/8 inch squares and cut them in half diagonally.
Sew one onto each unit you made above, to complete this square.
Press to the large triangle.
These should also be 4 1/2 inches when done.

Now we can assemble our blocks. This is row one and three of your block. Press to the outside squares.

And this is the center row of your block. Press to the center square.

Want to make a different size Aunt Dinah blocks? The chart below shows you the different sizes you need to cut your fabrics for different size blocks.
These are finished sizes, after sewn into your quilt.

And here are four totally different quilts all made with the same block, just different values in each position.

Here are a few blocks made using this pattern when it was done as an online mystery.

Aunt Dinah Delaware Quilts 2014
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