This month we'll be making quickie bowties, fast, fun and easy.

Bowties can be made in different sizes, to fit your needs. You may chose which size blocks you want to make from the chart below. Remember, these are finished sizes.
Four inch finished size - Cut four 2 1/2" squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 1 1/2" squares dark.
Five inch finished size - Cut four 3" squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 1 3/4" squares dark.
Six inch finished size - Cut four 3 1/2" squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 2" squares dark.
Seven inch finished size -Cut four 4" squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 2 1/4" squares dark.
Eight inch finished size - Cut four 4 1/2" squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut 2 2 1/2" squares dark.

You can make all your bowties the same, or make them all different, and you can use the same background, or use all different. Just remember you want contrast, you want the bowtie to stick out and show. Your backgrounds should all be very light, and your bowties medium or dark.
Now let's put them together.

On your smaller squares, mark a
diagonal line on the wrong side,
or gently fold it in half diagonally and finger press.

Place that flat on one corner
of a background square
and sew on the diagonal line.

I like to trim off the excess, leaving a 1/4 seam allowance. Some ladies prefer not trimming.

Attach this to a square of your
bowtie fabric, and you are half done.

Press seam to the bowtie fabric.

Make another pair like this.
Put the two pairs together,
and your block is complete!

Be sure to square up your finished blocks. If it is larger or smaller, check your seams and redo if necessary. If you do not check your measurements, your block may not join properly with other blocks easily to create a finished quilt.

Want to make a 12 1/2 inch bowtie block for a sampler quilt, easy. Make four 6 1/2 inch bowties and sew them together.
To make one 6 1/2 inch unit - Cut four 3 1/2" squares (2 light, 2 dark) and cut two 2" squares dark.
Make four sets as above, and sew them together as shown here.

Heart & Hand Quilting Friends from N. VA shared these photos of their bowties.

Thank you ladies!

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Bowties Delaware Quilts January 2003
Updated 12/22/08

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