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Log Cabin Hearts

This isn't a “real” log cabin, but it looks close enough that we're going to call it one. After all it has a center block and “logs” going around that center. However with this block we'll be making units rather than going all the way around the center square.

For this log cabin heart you need a 3 1/2 inch center square, and strips cut 2 inches wide from your chosen colors, mine are blues. You will also need a 5 inch square and four 2 inch squares of background fabric, mine is white.

I don't precut my strips, but trim them as I go along. (Quite often my log cabin blocks are made from left over strips from other projects.)

(The diagrams are all shown on the right side, and are not to scale.)
Unit One:

Start with the center square, add the first strip with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, press away from the center.
       Continue adding strips following the diagrams.
For the final strip add a 2 inch background square to the end of a 6 1/2 inch strip as shown here. Sew diagonally through the center, corner to corner, as shown. The direction is important! Press to the darker fabric, then trim leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Add to the top of Unit One.
(see diagram below)
While you are working on those 2 inch background squares, you might as well finish using them up before they get lost. (They are pretty small.) Add another 2 inch square to another 6 1/2 strip like you just finished. You will also need two longer dark strips (or one about 25 inches). Sew a background square as shown above to the end of two dark strips, (or one on each end of one long strip.) Pay attention to the direction you are sewing, it does make a difference!

Add a dark strip to the side of the Unit One.

       Unit Two

The strip on the left is made using a 2 inch square attached to a 2 by 5 inch strip. The center strip is 2 by 6 1/2 inches, and you've already made the right strip. Press these all to the center strip.

Add the 5 inch background square to the top to complete Unit Two. Join the two units together and press carefully. Lastly add the long dark strip with the background corner to the bottom of the square and your block is finished. It should measure 12 1/2 inches.

Here are two different variations of the same heart.
(The four patch center is made of two inch squares.)

Here are two Log Cabin Hearts done by friends.

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Posted January 30, 2022

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