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I declared 2012 as My Year To Give and promised a monthly pattern everyone could follow to make quilts, either for charity or personal use. My August pattern is a string block, link to the original pattern of here.

There is nothing really different about the string quilts I've made for the August projects, they are just using up scraps and stash. A friend asked me to explain how I got the “pattern” in my strings, meaning the red line in the center of each block. So here is a short lesson on how I made the “pattern” appear.

I was using up left over left over strips* from the so called ugly fat quarters we collected at last fall's retreats. I also had this long strip of left over reddish brown binding fabric, so I decided to add that, but since there was so much of it, I thought, I'd make a pattern.

I simply added my reddish brown piece first to each block, simple and easy. Since this was all scraps, I didn't make each strip “exactly” in the center, but kept them as close.

When the reddish brown ran out, I only had a few blocks and well, they weren't really enough for a whole quilt and who wants a strings wall hanging. SO I took apart the little quilt and added more blocks and this is what I ended up with.

But Kathy wanted more precise center strips, so I made another quilt to show her how to do that.

I used the same white-on-white for all the center strips, all cut the exact same width (2 inches). I carefully placed each w-o-w strip in the center and added alternating red and blue strips to either side. Where the exactness came in was when I squared them, I made sure each w-o-w strip was exactly in the diagonal center of the block.

* (The strings I used were from fat quarters left over after the 2011 fall retreats. I made ten quilts from the left over fat quarters and finally used all the left over pieces for this project, which is why I called them left over left over strips.)
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Updated July 31, 2012

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