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I decided to use this block after seeing a very interesting program on PBS about a similar design. In Block Base it is block 1130b and has many published names including Battle Ax of Thor, Catch Me If You Can, Chinese 10,000 Perfections, Devil's Dark Horse, Favorite of the Peruvians, Flyfoot, Heart's Seal, Mound Builders, Pure Symbol of Right Doctrine, Spider, Whirligig, Wind Power of the Osages, and Swastika.

To make a 12 inch finished Whirligig block you will need eight 3 7/8 inch squares of two different fabrics.

Your finished block should measure 12 1/2 inches. Measure carefully, cut carefully and sew carefully, and you won't have any problems.

Take the 3 7/8 inch squares of green and floral, place them right sides together. Carefully draw a line down the center, corner to corner, diagonally across the block. (This will be a cutting line when you are finished.) Now if you have a true 1/4 inch foot on your machine, you can sew on either side of this drawn line. If not, you will have to draw a second line on either side, exactly 1/4 inch from the first line. These will be your sewing lines. After you have sewn on your sewing lines, you will cut this square in half on your cutting line. Don't forget to trim off your dog ears. You will now have two diagonal half squares measuring exactly 3 1/2 inches.

Repeat with all of your squares.
    I think putting this block together in quarters is the easiest method. Make four units like this one, and then turn them and sew them together to match the block above and your Whirligig block will be finished. It should measure 12 1/2 inches when completed.    

        From History Detectives on the Navajo Rug "The one image that catches my eye is this symbol down here. Many people would associate it with the swastika. But, it's an image that predates Nazi Germany, and many cultures around the world have used this image. To Buddhists, the symbol represents good fortune - and for the Navajo it's known as the whirling log and symbolizes the four cardinal directions"

The first quilt reminds me of the fields of the modern wind mills (turbines) out west, making energy from the wind.

Whirligig Delaware Quilts July 2009
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