2011 In Photos

Snowy January and a wet and windy February

Spring flowers

Mother's Day the guys did a LOT of cleaning up around the yard which was greatly appreciated!

In June Mufasa (Mike and Kelly's cat) moved in with us until M&K get their own place in MD.
He made himself right at home here.


(No, that is not the photographer's backdrop, that is a real rainbow, God's gift to the bride and groom)
September 17th, 2011     More wedding photos here

Mufasa keeping house warm! In many ways!

Thanksgiving John gave Jonathon carving lesson and we all enjoyed our dinner.

Simba, the other Grandkitty came for the holiday, and Jon and Steph went to his 10 year HS reunion.

Our Christmas was held on December 31st and for some odd reason, everyone was playing with cell phones.
Well.. not John, he was actually on a real phone!

Updated January 5, 2012