In April 2000 we accompanied the Cape Henlopen High School Music Boosters and kids on their spring music trip. We all (220) piled onto busses (six), and headed south with the rest of the Cape Henlopen High School Music Program for a grand tour of Orlando Florida.

We left Lewes at 9:30 PM on the 12th of April, and arrived around 7:00 PM the next day. We made a quick trip to Epcot for dinner, a few rides, and time to view the IllumiNations 2000.
Epcot 2000

Night time in Epcot Beautiful
The next morning was the Jazz performance, in the pouring rain. The kids did great, despite the weather, and the lack of any electrical equipment. We were quite proud of them all.
Jazz Sign Jazz

Son 1 Son 2
We stayed at the Magic Kingdom till after the fireworks were over, and were the last ones on the busses! (For which we were very sorry, and promised not to be late again.)

Saturday we spent at The Islands Of Adventure. Jonathon was still recovering from his track injury, and unfortunately, had to be pushed around in a wheel chair the whole trip. (Does he look like it bothered him?) Son and his girls

Where is Michael? We never saw Michael that day, until he showed up at the bus a half hour late, although we are pretty sure where he spent most of the day!
Sunday we checked out of our hotel (gladly) and went to Disney's MGM studios where the Marching Band was scheduled to march at 3:20. We managed to get this family photo taken before the kids headed off for rides and fun before they marched. Gordon's in Orlando
John and I got in a few rides and a little lunch before reporting time. Our favorite was the Muppet 3D Movie. Guess we'll never grow up!
We were still not sure if Jonathon was going to march, although he'd said the night before he was ready, and was "practicing" in the hallway long after curfew. Of course I was a nervous Mom worried about him the whole day. We weren't sure what his final decision was until we saw him marching down the avenue at 4:23. Believe me, we were both so very proud of him!
The band at the other end of the street.  This was when I knew for sure that Jonathon was marching, and when I started blubbering like a Mom

Michael Jonathon
We managed to watch the rest of the parade, while the kids were changing out of their uniforms.

When we finally met up with them, we told them both how proud of them we were. Michael had led them down the avenue in perfect step. Jonathon was in a lot of pain, but had done what he set out to do.

We had a great time on this trip, and decided to go again... just the four of us. Little did we know ........

PS. I was so thrilled to see my internet buddy Dee twice while there. She was brave enough to come in the pouring rain on Friday, and again for the parade on Sunday.
Dee and I in the rain on Friday Truly, me and Dee on Sunday