Two days after Thanksgiving, and the house is slowing changing into holiday central. Despite the 60 plus temperatures, it's that time of year again. Hard to get in the spirit when it's that warm out, but we're trying.
John and the boys are putting up Christmas lights, the boys are putting up the train set, and I decided I'd better get the annual Christmas letter done. It's been a busy year in our lives, let me see if I can tell you just some of what happened.

John on the roof, Jonathon on the ladder and Michael doing ladder holding duty, put up the holiday lights. Hard to believe what time of year this is, from the way they are dressed.
This time last year Jonathon was anticipating his trip to London to March in the London Festival Parade. The trip was a once in a life time experience, and worth all the work it took to get him and the rest of the group there. Jonathon enjoyed showing his American buddies his old home of jolly old England.

Before we knew it, summer was upon us, and Michael and I made a trip to Michigan to attend a family wedding. John missed his sisters wedding due to work, and Jonathon due to final exams in school, but Michael and I had enough fun for both of them. Michael got a personal tour of the University of Michigan, including the Big House, and I got to meet several of my internet quilting friends.

When we returned home, both boys started summer jobs. Jonathon worked as a utility person at one of the new super markets close to home, and Michael worked for a cousin by helping her run a snack bar at one of the resort sports areas. Add to that Michael's college summer program (at which he was honored with the top student award) and Jonathon's band camp, and you can understand why I spent most of my summer playing taxi driver. Fortunately I had company in the middle of the summer, and that helped break up the monotony of my job. Between my taxi runs Jon, Anne, Cameron and I enjoyed time at the beach, and Anne and I actually got some quilting done too. We also were visited this summer by Carl and Barbara Pearman, and got to catch up on things with them and their growing family.

John began the summer by ripping all the screens off the back porch, and started the long process of enclosing it. With many long weeks at work, celebration of his 50th Birthday with a huge family party, some down time for company, and a rare fishing excursion to the beach (not nearly enough fishing this summer), the job was finished and we're now enjoying a lovely additional room to the house. Of course the long weeks at work continue, but he's enjoying it, and the overtime helped pay for the new room.

Fall came and found both boys active in high school life. Jonathon was leader and captain for his section in the marching band, and he had the only solo in this years half time performance. He also was a part of the very busy Jazz band this year. Michael also joined the Marching Band this year, and did a fine job as the banner carrier. We are all enjoying high school life, the boys as students, and John and I as band parents.

I just hosted my third quilters retreat, held this year in Lancaster PA. Everyone who attended had a great time, including me. I continue to quilt in every spare moment, and teach as often as I can. I came home just in time for Thanksgiving, and now holiday preparations.

We hope that this finds you all happy and healthy, and Y2K ready.

1969 and 1999