Our Jonathon has lead an interesting life. As we looked back on his youth, we realized that even from the beginning his path was clear, to him at least. From the very beginning he knew where he was headed.....

He started out big,
but soon thinned down,
and it took him years to bulk up again....

His interest in cars, especially VWs started at a young age.....


He started running around his first birthday,
and kept on running
and running
and running
and running
and running


He has always been a studious person,
and has many awards to show for his efforts.....

School Spirit...

He has always had school spirit
and participated in spirit activities
from pre-school, on...
Wacky Wednesday in kindergarten
He was high spirited in second grade
and in high school

When filling out job resumes his previous experiences include.... Highway construction engineer


Drivers Ed Teacher


Air Traffic Controller



Speed boat captain



Rodeo Rough Rider


Computer Game programmer

Lawn care specialist

and bus driver

His musical career started in middle school...

Graduations are behind us now, and a whole new world waits for this experienced young man.

And whatever his new career brings, he will bring spirit and true determination.

Love you son!
Mom & Dad