A long time ago there was a bedroom of a college aged young man on the second floor of our home. That room was… well it was a guy's domain, and he proved it by covering his ceiling and some of the walls with CDs.

That young man moved into his own domain during the summer, and we decided to make his old room into the master bedroom.

When those CDs were removed, they left behind a lot of sticky tack… an awful lot of sticky tack. After weeks of scraping, it was finally all gone, and ready to be painted.
We primed it with Kilnz as recommended by a few friends, and it seemed to cover all the remaining residue from the blobs.
It took two coats of paint to cover all the Kilnz, but in the end, it was worth it.
All that is left is to make some kind of curtains to go with the room.

Of course before I could even think about making those curtains, I had to get the sewing room moved.
I started out moving things all by my lonesome… until the bookcase/desk got stuck in the hallway. John had to saw the top shelf off to get it into the new room.
This is the contents of one shelf unit, after John “helped” me unload it. I unloaded the rest of them by myself.
And now everything is moved into the old master bedroom/new sewing room and I am sewing again.

And the old sewing room, that is now the office.

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