Christmas 2010
I can only hope that your Christmas will be a great as ours was. Jon and Steph and Simba arrived late Wednesday night, and we stayed up too late catching up. Thursday started later than many Christmas mornings in the past, as we all slept in. Once Mike and Kelly arrived we began the day as most Christmases have for many years, with John's famous sticky buns.

Once we unstuck our fingers we opened presents. Kids never grow up and Mike proved that by his over excitement of his gift from Jon and Steph, architect Legos, which he immediately put together.

Once presents were opened we partook of another family tradition, watching Emmitt Otters Jug Band Christmas. Apparently this tradition will continue, since both couples brought their own copies of the DVD to assure we watched it.

Then Grammy and GrandPop stopped in so we finished opening presents, which included Reindeer Poop and safety flashlights which were big hits. (Kids never grow up)

Then we had dinner and once that had settled we took family photos,

and then watched old family movies while John and his kitchen crew made chocolate chip cookies. The cookie tradition started when the boys were little. They baked fresh chocolate chip cookies for Santa every year. Unfortunately this year we made them on our Christmas evening instead, and poor Santa won't get any if he stops by here, since they are all gone already. (A double batch just disappeared!)

It may not have been December 25th, but it was Christmas, another wonderful one!

Posted December 24, 2010