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My Quilting Photo Journal
Since I started quilting in 1974 I have made many quilts.
This is documentation in pictures only (mostly) of some of those quilts.
Each page shows all of the quilts made in a year (more or less) and
on each page I’ve included a free pattern for one of those quilts.

The beginning (1974 to 1996)
There are two free projects to go with the first page in my quilting history,
Trip Around the World and Trip Around the World scrappy version.

A project I did back in 1997 was Scrappy 9-patces And Snowballs

A first in 1998 were tessellations. For this month's project I'm sharing an updated version of a tessellated baby quilt.

In 2000 I made a Ribbon Quilt wall hanging, and a miniature Ribbon Quilt too.
I'm sharing my instructions for a Ribbon Quilt baby quilt here.

I started making miniatures in 2001 and have made many since then for many different reasons.
One of my favorite to make is Miniature Baskets, so I'm sharing that pattern with you now.

Speedy Strips© was started when my son asked me for an “ugly” quilt when he went off to college in 2002, “You know Mom, one no one will want to steal.” I saw it was a way to use up scraps, and it certainly did. I’m sharing it with the www now so we can use up some of those scraps we’ve created, and make some lovely but hardly “ugly” quilts!

Folk Art Hearts is one of my favorites from 2003, so I'm sharing that project with the world now. I still want to make that baby quilt

Among other quilts I made in 2005 was a Floating Churn Dash. The quilt I made can be found here and the free pattern for the Floating Churn Dash can be found here.

Fed up with losing points and wanting something a little whimsical, in 2006 I created Crooked Stars. It's fun and easy, and now you can make one too, here's the pattern.

2007 could have been called the year of the scraps, because I used up a whole bunch of them. The pattern Simply Squares was made to help a friend make a quilt, and I ended up making six of them myself. Caution, this is a large PDF and may take a while to load, but it's worth the wait I promise.

2008 was the start of Mysteries For Relay, a new FUNdraising adventure for me. I decided to use my patterns as a fundraiser for Relay For Life. I’d offer new mysteries (or if you don’t like mysteries you can wait for the full pattern) every six weeks or so in exchange for donations. The group is still going strong and it has been great fun and a great fundraiser too. This month I’m sharing our first mystery project, Tessellated friendship stars.

I had a hard time choosing a favorite pattern from 2010 and decided finally on Any Size You Want, because you can make it any size you want. Enjoy!

Since I have used this block in more than three quilts I guess it was a favorite in 2011. Here's the project page for Jack in the Box.

I made two World's Fair quilts in 2012 because it is a very easy pattern and makes what I think is a lovely quilt, any size. I'm sharing my pattern for it here.

2012 was a productive year for me, and this page will finish up my 2012 history. There were many favorite quilts on that page so it was hard to decide which pattern to share. I finally decided to share the Leftovers pattern, since we all have leftovers to use up!

Here's the 2013 page, a pretty good quilting year.

Here's most of what I did in 2014, quilt wise anyway.

I'll post the next chapter at the end of the year.

Check the Projects page for a list of all projects.

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