2012 was My Year to Give!

So the end of the year didnít go quite as successful as I had hoped it would. Can we just say Life got in the way and leave it at that? I had good intentions of doing something every month, but it just didnít happen.

However I am enormously proud of what I did accomplish in my year of giving. I personally made and donated 42 quilts to various charities. Also as a part of my giving year I received seven quilt tops which were passed on to Linus and Bobís Blankie Brigade. And finally at the fall retreats another 19 quilts and tops were donated to Bobís.

I want to thank each and every one of the retreaters who helped me with my giving year. And I want to thank my friends who sent me UFOs too, all donated to worthy causes.

Moving on to 2013 I have a whole new idea. I plan to share my quilting history with the WWW and instead of doing just blocks for 2013, I will be sharing a project a month. I promise you a full pattern every single month, not just a simple block. The first project will start on New Yearís Eve with a fun, quick and easy mystery. You can find links to the NYE Mystery and more here.)

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September -- was Orphan month. Here are a few orphan block quilts I made. These were all blocks which were sent to me for various reasons, too small, not enough contrast, too large and even too many. I put them together into these little quilts and sent them to Wilford Hall High Risk Pregnancy Center.

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August was a good month for finishing quilts for charity. I made and completely finished three strings quilts and have a fourth one almost finished. My friend Kathy had asked me about making a pattern with string quilts, so my more String Blocks shows how I do it.

And here are the three Strings quilts I finished in August. These will all go to Bob's Blankie Brigade

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This was the July projectÖ , a Red White and Blue Road to Oklahoma.
All it needs is borders and I can send it off to be quilted, then donate it.

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The June project was Carrie Nation. This is a nice easy and quick block which makes beautiful quilts any size from baby to king.

This quilt was donated to the Sussex Pregnancy Care Center. The quilt is only nine blocks because it was made from fabrics leftover from my stash. It is actually the perfect size for a new baby.
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May's project was Sailing Ships. I have a total of three quilt tops of Sailing Ships. Yes, just tops, I didnít get them quilted yet. (In my own defense it was too hot in the upstairs sewing room to do much quilting. Thatís the last time I can use that excuse as Iíve moved my sewing machine downstairs where the A/C works) I will work on getting them quilted in June as well as make a few more of the June projects.

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April's project was a very simple block which turns into an elegant quilt. The World's Fair block is time consuming though, a lot of four-patches to be made to make a quilt. I finished the one on the left in April, but still have #2 below to be quilted.

I did some actual quilting and finishing in April, tying to catch up with my UFOs. I finished the World's Fair sample above left, one of my Baby 3D Bow Tie quilts, the second Jacob's Ladder quilt, and another sample I can't show yet. It's nice to get some quilts all the way finished!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The March charity projects were a new version of the Three Dimensional Bowties. The block is made the same as the 3D Bowtie, but folding the ďknotĒ edges gives the quilt a totally different look.

Directions for the Three Dimensional Bowtie block and the finishing directions to get this new look can be found by clicking on the quilt.

I also made two samples of the April project, and one for May's project too. So I'm ahead in the samples, just behind in the quilting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In February made two Jacob's Ladder quilts, and finished a bunch of UFOs which were donated to me by a friend. From that UFO box I made six quilts for charity and two fundraising quilts to help make even more.

Click on the quilt to get to the Jacob's Ladder BOM page.

I made three kids size 9 patch quilts and two kids size pioneer braid quilts which were donated to charity.

Then I tackled what my friend called Bricks and Blocks, all I had to do was sew it all together. This is a queen size quilt and I'll probably sell it for quilting money so I can start getting some of the quilts finished.

Visiting kitty Mufasa seems to prefer scrap quilts and always does a thorough inspection of each one.
Also in that UFO box were swap blocks from several different swaps that all happened to be the same size, so they went in another charity quilt.

Next in the box was this huge pile of triangle squares which called to me. I sewed them all together into pinwheel blocks and then another queen size quilt (maybe even king if I add borders) I think it will be sold too, more quilting money for more charity quilts!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In January I made three new Hearts Quilts using the Scrappy Hearts pattern.
Those three plus my original sample will be donated to
Bob's Blankie Brigade and Margaret's Hope Chest

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