Post Game Activities
We all know our quilts aren't finished until we put the borders and bindings on, so here are a few scrappy ideas for those. And no, they are not all DHSs, I thought by now you've probably had enough of them.

(You can click on some of the photos to see a larger photo. Use your browsers back button to get back here.)

        Many Trips quilt shows a super simple scrappy border, just plain left over squares. In this case they were left over from making the quilt. But I could have very well used those same scrappy leftovers in another scrappy quilt.
My scrappy Crooked Squares uses larger scrappy squares for the border.        

        These Christmas Strings also have a scrappy border, very suiting for a strings quilt.

Perfect for a Speedy Strips Quilt is a scrappy border.        
        If you look very carefully at the inner border you can see I used leftover yellow strips to make that inner border. I thought that worked great with a Scrappy Irish Chain.
This Scrappy Circular Log Cabin (a.k.a. No Blue Balls) has a scrappy pioneer braid border.        
        My B&W Crooked Stars has a scrappy border on it, left over rectangles from making those scrappy crooked star points.
Wondering how you can use DHSs as borders? Take a look at this quilt.

See all of those tiny little DHSs in the borders. Not one, but two rows of them, all the way around that queen size quilt, with a little bonus border on one edge, with two more rows of DHSs

You have to click on this to see it larger and see all of the DHSs she used. Use your browsers back button to get back here.
        Here is a Scrappy quilt called Scrappy Gridlock which I made up just to use up left over DHSs, that not only has a scrappy piano key border, but if you look closely, you will see a scrappy binding.

When I make a scrappy binding I usually just use leftover strips cut into whatever width I am using for that project by how ever long those scrappy strips happen to be. If they are too long, say longer than 12 inches, I cut them into smaller strips.

On important tip when making a scrappy binding, be prepared to insert a longer piece when you get to a corner, so that there are no seams in the corners. It makes them look much nicer.

Pattern for sale here

Wrap up
Well that's the end of the Super Stash Bowl. Hopefully I have given you enough choices to use up a whole bunch of your scraps.

Thanks for participating, and thank you for being such a great Delaware Quilts supporter.

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