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I joined Realy For Life originally as a way to say thank you to my community for helping the Band Boosters raise enough money to send the band and choir to London, a total of 263 kids (I think thatís how many there were.) After raising all that money, we set out to raise even more for Relay, and although I donít remember what we raised, I know everyone had a wonderful time, and were motivated enough to sign up again for another year, including me.

The second year I pitched in even more with the fund raising, and signed up again the third year. That year my husbandís family also decided to start a team, so I had to raise funds for two teams. My husband was asked to join the organizing committee, and you know how that goes, what he does, she does, so I found myself getting more involved and more motivated.

I decided that I needed to give more, and the only thing I had was my quilting. I decided that I would donate all the profit from the sales of my patterns and quilts, and I have done so ever since. I also held FUNdraisers at my retreats, different fun ways for the retreaters to donate money. I had auctions, mystery gifts, fun games and more. The ladies always looked forward to these events and donated generously.

I cannot thank those ladies, and all the others who donated over the years. Iím not sure exactly how much my teams and I raised, but I do know it was a lot. I participated in five different events, and donated to over thirty, including five Canadian Relay For Life events.

And now, Iím no longer doing the retreats, I am not teaching quilting anymore, this year will be the end of the Blocks of the Month and I am not sure if I will be participating in next yearís Relay. I will donate, I will always donate.

Thank you,

Posted September 1st, 2022

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