Janet's Quilt
Janet (on the left) started this quilt back in 2011 and was working on it at the Spring Retreat that year. She brought it along to show at the 2012 Spring Retreat. I asked her where she got the pattern and she said to email her. Well I didn't want to wait, so I drafted the pattern in Electric Quilt and made my own version and shared it with a few people. This was Mystery #26 on the Mysteries For Relay group and Project #4 for the fall Quilters Retreats and then a New Year's Eve Mystery

I really REALLY enjoyed this pattern and got a little carried away with it... I've made five, and have one that's a UFO.

Janet's quilt mixed
Janet's quilt purples

I had left over blocks from the two above
and a friend sent me a few of her left over blocks,
which I put together into this one.
I finished it and donated it to a shelter for women.
Here are a few Janet's Quilt pictures which have been made.

Here are a few Janet's Quilts from the Mysteries For Relay Group and the Fall Retreats.

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