Seventh November Quilters Retreat

When the Quilters Retreat started in 1997, I never imagined that it would become an annual event. The November retreat has become almost like a family reunion, with some people coming back year after year, and a few new ones now and then to add to the fun. This year's group included six ladies who have attended for all seven years….. Debbie, Candy, Mariann, Bonnie, Ellie and me. After seven years, we know each other well…. maybe too well!

Here are photos from the seventh annual November Quilters Retreat. We had a little rain driving to the retreat, but the rest of our time was glorious.

Mariann gets to work on her leaves      

Debbie helps Denise arrange her leaves

Charlotte and Nancy ironing

Wanda sewing while Denise and Debbie have a chat

Friday was a perfect fall day for shopping

Kathy's pile was a bit smaller than Wanda's

Charlotte shopping for greens

Carol D, Nancy and Marilyn

Charlotte, Carol D and Nancy

Betty shopping for fat quarters

Carol D found what she was looking for

Donalyn waits her turn getting to the bargains

Nancy, Carol R and Charlotte

Janet and Betty

Denny working on her project

Marilyn, Charlotte and Nancy working on theirs

Rose sewing on leaves

Candy finishing hers

Late night sewing in PJs
This is Betty, the poor lady who has to clean up after us at the retreat.
We decided after all the years of watching us quilt, she deserved a little quilt
of her own. It was signed by some of the retreaters from the last five years.
It was a pleasure making it for her, and I know she loved it.

Kathy was a newbie last year, and was proud to show us what she accomplished
since we saw her last. These are just two of the beautiful quilts she showed us.

Laurie showed us two swap quilts she finished, a bowtie and the hand dyed rose buds.

Bonnie started, and finished, this jacket at the retreat.
Here is Denny's completed speedy strips quilt, last years retreat project.
And Marilyn used her drunkards' path block
from Debbie's class as the center of a round robin,
and showed off the results.

Nancy and Mariann both show off projects they started at last years retreat

Carol R showed us her stain glass project, and Denise showed us her froggie quilt

Donalyn showed off her finished speedy strips, and her purple quilt.

Nancy showed off her fishy quilt, and Rose showed us her speedy strips
Joy shows off her bulls eye quilt. She was trying to finish
it this weekend, but we sort of messed up her backing during
show and tell. We're really sorry and can't wait to see the whole
thing put together next year!

posted November 10, 2003

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