October Retreat 2003

The retreat started on Friday, officially at check in, unofficially long before that. Thursday afternoon I arrived with Anne from England and Anne from Tennessee, after a bit of sightseeing in route (and I will stick to that story!) The rest of the ladies were shopping on the way to Bird-in-Hand, and arrived with lots of packages to prove it.

Friday morning the Annes and I did some shopping and sightseeing.

The Annes

Covered bridge

When everyone had finally checked in and settled down, we started our Three Dimensional Tessellated Autumn Leaves.



Anne E
Saturday was our Shopping Excursion and we had a great time.
Barbara from Delaware and Debbie from Maryland

Pat and Joan from Delaware, Anne from England,
Janet from Delaware and Michele from Virginia

Anne from Tennessee
After this group photo, we headed off to Sauders.

Anne E

Michele and Anne


Barbara and Joan

Next stop Burkholders

Anne and Janet


Pat and Barbara

Janet, Barbara, Debbie, Pat



Checking out

And then Weavers

Michele and Janet


Barbara and Anne


Debbie, Barbara Pat Pat, Janet
and mystery shopper
just to show
that we weren't
the only ones
shopping that day!

Which do you think Michele is thinking in this photo?
a. I'm first in line
b. I want that piece over there too
c. Do I really want this all?
d. Boy this stuff is heavy
e. Does this red go with everything else?
f. Why am I buying all this?

After dinner we went back to working on our autumn leaves



Janet showed us all a really neat way to make coasters.

After breakfast and some more shopping on Sunday (there are a few shops open locally) we finally started our houses.

Barbara and Michele


Here are houses in different stages
Anne and Anne (kneeling)
Marge, Pat, Janet, Debbie, Michele, Barbara (standing)

And here are Autumn Leaves projects, some finished and some not quite done.
Anne, Pat and Barbara (kneeling)
Anne, Michele, Joan, Janet and Debbie (standing)

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