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Fall Retreat #1, September 30th through October 3rd, 2004
The village of Bird-in-Hand provided us with perfect weather

We welcomed six new retreaters into the family, and made sure they felt at home.
After a few hours working on the retreat project, we went out to dinner….

Cheryl, Laura and Anne check the menu.

Debbie, Miriam, Becky and Barbara give their orders.

Carol and Helen wait for their dinner.

The next day we headed out to shop... traffic was a bit slow but we finally made it to Sauders.



Enjoying the beautiful fall day,
while comparing each other's purchases.
Our next stop was Burkholder's.
Checking the batiks

Checking the fringes



I'm not sure what the discussion was about,
but do you notice the color coordination here?
Some ladies continue shopping
while others start checking out.
How nice of Burkholders to provide weary shoppers a resting spot.
The group split up after that, some went to Weavers, and some went to Zooks.

Joan waits to get her fabric cut

while Anne continues to shop.
And then on to Old Country Store

Joan and Joann

After shopping we met for dinner
at Dienner's Country Restaurant.
And then after dinner went shopping
some more at Dutchland Quilt Patch.
Some little birdie told me that Joann was celebrating a birthday, so we had to have birthday cake.
Come on Joann, show us the cake.

50 isn't that painful!

Saturday everyone did their own things, from more shopping to working on the retreat project. It was early evening before everyone got together again for show and tell.

This group photo shows what some people worked on over the weekend.
Barbara brought this table runner to work on, but this was the first time we all saw it.

Joan worked on this project all weekend, and we were very happy to see the top finished. Nice work Joan!

Cheryl was asked to show off her bird jacket, which she proudly modeled for us.

Debbie finished this quilt at the retreat, and brought these others to show off. Notice the expanded leaves project from last year's retreat.

Posted October 6, 2004

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