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The Spring Retreat 2007 was a combination of October Retreaters, November Retreaters, some old friends who were new retreaters and some new retreaters who became new friends. It was a wonderful mix of laughter and quilting and everyone had a delightful time!

New retreater Suzi and
her coffee house challenge
Candy, one of the original retreaters,
showing one of her new projects

Debbie's Christmas Cats
Debbie's Scrappy Cats
Janet's mystery from the October Retreat

Debbie and Marge
Candy showing another beautiful project

Laura and Joan
Cheryl and Janet

Debbie helping Joan
Alyssa adding borders

busy Mariann
Happy Birthday Joan!

Frank and Marge heading home to Arkansas
Barbara inspecting the Marges' strings

Janet, Candy and Suzi sewing up a storm

Likewise for Denny and Carol

Cheryl shows off her selvage quilt
Close up

New Retreater Colleen basting her quilt

Laying out Joan's quilt
Barbara and Sandy

Janet's second mystery quilt
Suzi and Sandy

Barbara taking a break from it all
Janet and Candy

Kathy and Candy (Candy's quilt from Kathy's class)

Missing from the photos are the two Beths, Marie and Alan, Sara and Mary.

Posted April 17, 2007

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