UFO Camp is for working on those UnFinished Objects that are piling up. At home you never have enough time to work on them because of all of life's interruptions… the family, the housework, the telephone, etc. UFO camp is a chance to escape from all of those things and do nothing but quilting. (Or shopping, or eating, what ever you desire.)

Here are photos of two UFO Camps that were held spring 2004, one in New York and one in Delaware, both achieved the goal of finishing projects, and having a great time too.

In NY we did some sewing and some eating and some shopping and had a great time.
What could be better than a quilt shop
that has a resident kitty? How about one
that also has a tea room, AND over
14,000 bolts of fabric.
But besides shopping, we did sew, a lot. We sewed from morning till night, and got quite a bit done to prove it.

In Delaware we didn't do any shopping, but we sure did sew!

We got a lot done, and had an absolutely wonderful time!

Posted June 6, 2004
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