My UFO List
  I started 2015 with 36 UFOs and one WIP  
Update for March, I actually finished a UFO in February!  
        However I created another one.
And I started and finished two quilts too. 
        And started another WIP, and yes you can have more than one Work In Progress at a time.  As long as   
you are diligently working on them. And I am, making new blocks and creating more postage squares. 
2014 UFO# Date (est) Name Status
1 spring 1991 Kaleidoscope quilt Started in Weilerbach Germany
2 sometime 1996 Electric Sampler needs finished quilting etc
3 Oct-99 Retreat #1 Mystery  Ellie's design purples needs borders, quilting and binding
4 Aug-00 OW Christmas block swap quilt some blocks done
5 Jan-01 Tulip quilt #2 needs binding
6 Feb-01 Tulip quilt #3 needs quilting etc
7 Jun-03 Snowpeople Quilt  (printed snow people) needs borders, quilting and binding
8 Jun-03 Snowpeople Wall Hanging (printed snow people) needs borders, quilting and binding
9 Feb-04 School House Quilt some blocks done
10 May-04 Log cabin 3D blue and yellow left over blocks started quilt
11 May-04 Fieldstone kitties 1 needs borders, quilting and binding
12 Mar-05 Swap sampler  2005  needs borders, quilting and binding
13 Dec-05 Rainbow barn raising strips cut
14 Jan-06 Purple Kitties and Friends needs hand work done
15 Jul-06 Fieldstone Kitties 2 some blocks done
16 Oct-06 Xmas Tesselated table runner needs quilting etc
17 Sep-07 Simply Squares RW&B needs quilting etc
18 Nov-07 2007 Retreat project  almost assembled
19 Jun-08 Double Irish Scrappy purples (mystery) needs quilting etc
20 Apr-09 Pinwheel Chain (mystery) needs quilting etc
21 Sep-10 Aunt Peggy's Quilt (mystery) needs quilting etc
22 Oct-10 Scrappy booboo quilt X and Os needs quilting etc
23 03/16/11 RW&B orphan scrappy  (made from orphan blocks) needs quilting etc
24 3/9/12 Baby ABC Bowties 2 needs quilting etc
25 4/30/12 Janet's quilt mixed needs binding
26 4/30/12 Janet's quilt purples needs binding
27 4/30/12 Janet's quilt wild needs quilting etc
28 7/22/12 Four Patch Framed Rainbow needs quilting etc
29 11/7/12 AG Four Patch Chain needs quilting etc
30 10/4/13 Baby Disappearing 4-patch needs quilting etc
31 11/8/13 Three Mumm Christmas wall hangings needs quilting etc
32 1/25/14 Mystery # something needs quilting etc
33 2/13/14 16 Patch Plus quilt  needs quilting etc
34 4/2/14 B&W weave needs binding
35 4/8/14 B&W strips needs quilting etc
  8/28/14 Grandma's Stars  96 inches sq Finished 2/28/15
  10/30/14 Postage Stamp Quilt WIP
    Started 2015 with 36 UFOs and one WIP  
  1/5/15 9 inch BOM sampler  WIP
  2/2/15 Gift Finished 2/19/15
  2/9/15 Gift Finished 2/18/15
36 2/21/15 Scrappy Blues - mystery  top done 2/26/15
    One UFO finished and two gift quilts finished in 2015  
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Updated March 1, 2015