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Delaware Quilts started as a fun web site for me to post information about a quilt retreat I was arranging for some internet friends. First it was where I posted information on when and where that retreat would be, and after the fact, I posted photos of all the fun we had. Since we had so much fun, we decided to do it again, and I posted information about the second one too.

Since it was the "cool" thing to do, I added a page about my family to the web site also. It was mostly photos of what my "boys" were doing. This got my son interested, and he was soon getting more hits than I did, due to the sports coverage he was doing on his web pages. (Now he has a business site at TerraReef aquariums)

After the second retreat I added more photos from that second retreat and more information about the following year.

In July 1999 someone suggested I add a Block of the Month to my site. Sounded like a good idea to me, so I started what I then called my "Block of the (every other) Month (I hope)". At first I did all the "testing" myself, but since I knew what I was making and didn't need the directions and didn't look at them, (and because I kan't spel or tipe) I decided I needed someone else to check my work. I have a few friends who get the blocks ahead of time to check them for booboos. However I find that occasionally something will slip by all of us, so please let us know if you have a problem with any of the instructions.

The blocks are mostly public domain blocks, meaning I don't invent them. I only write my own directions and do my own graphics for making that block with the hopes that it will make your quilting easier and more enjoyable. Occasionally I do come up with what I think is an original block, and when that happens, I make sure that I properly document, record and copyright it.

The retreat became an annual event, and soon more people wanted to come than I had space for, so I added a second retreat. Ladies would go home and talk about all the fun they had, and soon the second retreat was over booked also. Someone suggested we have a retreat during the quilt show so we could enjoy the show more, and have time together to sew and shop, so I added the Spring Retreat. One year I hosted six retreats, but slowly cut back. Sadly, the coronavirus caused the cancellation of our two 2020 retreats. And due to the uncertainty of what spring may bring, I canceled the scheduled 2021 Spring Retreat also.

After much personal soul searching and prayer I decided that it was time to retire. I looked forward to each retreat, meeting new people, learning new skills and all the fun. Sixty-five retreats attended by 299 different ladies from four different countries and I do not know how many different US states (at least 31). It was a life changing experience for me, and I am thankful that I did it. I made some friends that I hope will stay with me the rest of my life.

Delaware Quilts is owned and operated by me, myself and I. I get support from my family and friends, and a caring world wide quilting community. After losing several friends to cancer I decided I needed to start doing something about it. I had participated in Relay For Life for a few years, and my husband was involved in the local steering committee. He sort of volunteered me to be the On-Line Chair and from that day on I've shared my quilting time with Relay for Life. I brought my cause to the web site first in 2006, and was proud to raise over $4000. All together Delaware Quilts has raised over $130,000 towards the fight against cancer. Thanks to ALL of our supporters and donors.

A little about me…in 1965 I met this cute guy and we fell in love and got married. After touring the world compliments of the USAF we settled in Lewes Delaware about five miles from the ocean we both love. We’re now happily married over 51 years and are the proud parents of two handsome young men who are now happily married themselves. And we have 2 darling grandsons and a precious granddaughter, all who make our world special.

I can not thank everyone enough for their support both to my fundraising efforts and to my web page. I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy doing it


Delaware Quilts ~ Marge Gordon ~ 31357 Kendale Road ~ Lewes DE 19958 USA

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