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Road to Oklahoma

When I was planning my 2012 projects I knew I wanted a star quilt for July, in honor of the good old USA and those who serve us. And I also wanted a block that would make a nice child's quilt to go along with my giving year. Then I remembered the quilts my friend Ginny made for her grandchildren when they moved to OK, and knew that our July project had to be Road to Oklahoma. Link to original index

For a Red White & Blue 12 inch finished (in the quilt) Road to Oklahoma block you will need:
From your background cut two 3 7/8 inch squares and six 3 1/2 inch squares (for this block the background is white)
From your blue cut two 3 7/8 inch squares and two 3 1/2 inch squares
From your red cut four 3 1/2 inch squares.

You will need four diagonal half squares for this block. First, mark your 3 7/8 inch background squares diagonally through the center. (This will be a cutting line when you are finished.) Place your blue square, right sides together, with the background. Sew on either side of the drawn line, exactly 1/4 inch from the first line. Cut this square in half on the cutting line. Trim off the corners, or dog ears as some people like to call them. You will now have two diagonal half-squares, which should measure exactly 3 1/2 inches. Repeat with the remaining 3 7/8 inch squares.

The next step will be to build two different four patch units. First sew a background and blue 3 1/2 inch squares together, and then another pair. Sew those together into a four patch unit. Make another unit just like that one. The finished units should measure 6 1/2 inches.

The second four patch unit is made from your diagonal half squares and a blue and a background squares.

Now assemble as shown in the block at the top of the page. Your finished block should measure 12 1/2 inches.

Our RW&B block gives us this quilt and a two color block gives us this quilt.
The RW&B quilt is 20 blocks and measures about 48 by 60 before borders,
and the two color quilt is just 12 blocks and is 36 by 48 before borders.

Road to Oklahoma Delaware Quilts July 2007
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