Delaware Quilts


Please note as you view these photos, the sizes may not be all proportional. You might see a quilt that looks as small as a wall hanging or vice versa.

My Folk Art Hearts below are one of the many hearts patterns I designed for a quilting bee who did new and different hearts every Valentine’s Day for about ten years. The wall hangings could be hung both ways and still have hearts. One lady made a larger one and used it for a baby quilt, an idea I plan to copy someday!

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I enjoy making sampler quilts, and this is one of my favorites.
It was on our bed every winter for years.

#269         This is my Retreat signature quilt, the plain squares have signatures from retreaters, some from the very beginning. I haven't taken it to the retreats for a few years, no idea why, but I'd better take it this year and start collecting signatures again.

Two more of my Speedy Strips© quilts
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Why am I making more tree skirts? That one was for son when he and gf moved into their first apartment.

The Crabbie Quilt, so named because of the colorful crabs on the fabric, was the first quilt I quilted on my then new Jenome 6500. It took a while to get it quilted because the threads broke every time I reversed directions. After it was all quilted I went to put the feed dogs back up and discovered I'd never put them down.         #275
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The next eight quilts are miniatures, all smaller than 15 inches, done for a class I taught at the local guild, then again for another group in NC.
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I had scraps and needed a way to use them up, so I made this scrappy bargello from When it was finished I didn't like it. I took it to the quilter and told her I didn't like it, just quilt it anyway. I said I was going to cut it in half and make two charity quilts from it… well she did such a great job on the quilting I loved it when she was finished. I gave it to my in-laws as a Christmas gift and they love it too.             #287
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