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Please note as you view these photos, the sizes may not be all proportional. You might see a quilt that looks as small as a wall hanging or vice versa.
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One important part of quilting is finishing, totally quilted and binding on. Until them a quilt is a UFO UnFinished Object. The first few quilts were UFOs until I finished them in 2014.

This one was another one of my friend Marge's gifts to me, a pile of blocks. I put them together, had them quilted and sold the quilt to raise money for Relay. Thanks Marge and Michele for your donations.

#479                         I started this Aunt Graces Zig Zag at the fall retreat in 2012 and finally finished it early in 2014.

I also started this Aunt Graces Four Patch Chain during the 2012 fall retreat. The top was finished on August 24th, 2014 and it was finished and on our bed August 2017                         #480

#502                         Anne cut the squares, I made the quilt and we donated it to Bob's Blankie Brigade

This was my first quilt of 2014, also Mystery #35, Nine-Patch Hearts                         #504

These two quilts were samples for Mystery #36 which I called Patch Plus. #505 was a scrappy sample and #506 was not scrappy.
#505             #506

#507                         I had a lot of scraps from other quilts that were all from the same fabirc line, so I made Leftover Alphabet Soup with them.

#508 is also made from some of those leftovers but is a future mystery so I can't show it yet. #509 is also a future mystery although not using the same fabric line.

A quilter friend told me that she thought a totally scrappy Friendship Star quilt would look funny, so I made one to prove her wrong. Of course the quilting really made this a beauty!                         #510

I really liked the Patch Plus pattern, and kind of got carried away making blocks,
and didn't need another big quilt, so I made several little ones. (#512 is waiting for binding.)
#511             #512

My friend Carol gave me a whole bunch of black and white strips to add to my own collection of black and white strips. I added some red and made these two quilts. I didn't like #513 until it was quilted and the binding was applied, now I love it. (Thanks J!) And #514 was gifted to our favorite guy at AVI, HB Ben.

    #513         #514

I had a whole pile of nine patch blocks from a swap so I made these two dancing nine-patch quilts using them up.
Both were donated to Bob's Blankie Brigade along with the backing and binding fabrics.
#515-1             #515-2

#516, the wedding quilt, started here finished on the next page

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