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Please note as you view these photos, the sizes may not be all proportional. You might see a quilt that looks as small as a wall hanging or vice versa.

#481             Another one of my friend Marge's UFOs. She sent me a stack of blocks, I finished it, had it quilted and sold it to raise money for Relay For Life. (Thank you Brenda!)

A great scrap user-upper, Four Patch Chain.
This quilt was donated to Bob's Blankie Brigade


#483             This quilt came about when a friend asked me to help her make a quilt for her granddaughter. Kathy wanted to have it finished in time for Christmas, a combination birthday/Christmas present but needed my help. When I saw the pattern the granddaughter had picked, I understood why Kathy needed my help… it was a table runner. But that was what she wanted, so that's what I designed for Kathy to make, a bed size table runner. While I was designing it I decided parts of it would make a great mystery. And this is the results.

I had never used flannel before and decided to give it a try, buying two whole bolts to use for charity.
I didn't “love” it but used it all up making these baby quilts.
# 484 - 489

This quilt was a totally new experience for me, and a LOT of fun to make. I had a leftover Bali Pop and matching Snaps called Macaroon. I decided I wanted to make something "different" with them, and this was it. I started out by making triangle squares from the snaps… then thought I would make them log cabin centers. Part way through I decided maybe I'd make courthouse steps instead, or maybe just… When I laid the blocks on my bed I only needed a few strips in a few places to make it all come together! I was calling it Macaroon Gamble, but my friend Diana suggested Key West Tango and it stuck!             #490

The first project for the 2013 fall retreats was Snap, Crackle, Pop #491,
which was sold in exchange for a generous donation to Relay For Life, thanks Charlene.

And the second project for the 2013 fall retreats was Charmed Pops. I donated this to Bob's Blankie Brigade.             #495

#496             I had seen a few Disappearing 9-Patch quilts I liked so I decided to try one. This was my first attempt, and I didn't “love” it. I donated the top and enough fabric for backing and binding to Bob's.

I saw a picture of a quilt on a blog somewhere and decided to copy it. This was the result. When I asked for help in naming it, someone informed me it was called Tile Tango. This one was also donated to Bob's.             #497

#498             I had scraps leftover from the previous two quilts and couldn't waste them, so made another strings quilts for Bob's.

I decided to make another Disappearing 9-Patch with some soft pastels I had and this one I love! I think I'll put this in my "hope" chest.             #499

As I left for the fall retreats I was working on #499 above. I took it with me so I could find the perfect border and backing fabric and I did but that's all I did with it.
            Now..... I had planned a very special project for my 500th quilt but got carried away while I was retreating, and made a few other quilt tops. I couldn't ignore all those projects that kept me busy while retreating and were special to me in their own ways, so I guess that special 500th project will just have to wait for another number…

#500             My friend Marge went a little overboard when she made her Simply Squares blocks, and sent me all of her leftovers. I made two little quilts from them, but only got a photo of this one. Both went to Bob's

I have no idea why Marge didn't like these, but I'm thankful she sent to me. Laurie loved the top I made using the blocks and gave me a nice donation in exchange for it. (Thanks Marge and Laurie!)             #501

#502             Anne brought these little squares to the retreat with the intention of making a top for Bob's, but I beat her too it.

I had an incomplete kit in my stuff that I thought my friend Marge sent me, but she said it wasn't hers. Regardless all that was in it were a sheet of directions that didn't make sense and a piece of Christmas fabric. I added some more fabric to it, and made these three little wall hangings.

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