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All quilts are made using 100% cotton fabrics which have been
pre-washed, meaning no color bleeding or shrinking. They may all be
safely laundered in your home washer and dryer.
If you like one of my quilts and would like to make a serious offer, email me.

                I've decided to sell my Aunt Grace Zig Zag. It measures 82 by 80 and is made of all Aunt Grace 30's reproductions. $650 but will accept offers.
                                                Shown on a queen size bed

Mardi Gras quilt was named for its bright colors, and it sure is bright. This quilt measures about 70 inches square and is colorful on both sides. I would like $400 for this quilt, half the money will go to Relay For Life.
Front back

Key West Tango is another brightly colored quilt, and a personal favorite.
(measures 60 x 72)
It can be yours for $300.
This is called Scrappy Trips Around the World. (click on quilt for a larger photo)
This quilt measures 54 by 66.

Jack in the Box

Quilt is about 54 inches square.
                          B&W Snails Tails

This quilt measures approximately 68 inches square.

100% of the proceeds of this sale will go to ACS's Relay For Life. Click on photo for more details.
$500. (serious offers accepted)

      This bright quilt is a non-scrappy version of the crooked squares. The quilt measures 48 x 53.

(Click to see a different view)

$125, 100% to ACS

            On the left is my 2011 BOM sampler. It is 42 by 58.

And on the right is my Star Sampler.
Approximately 60 by 70

You may click on the photos to see a larger version.

        Another sampler quilt. King Size, shown here on a queen size bed, so I guess either King or Queen size.

Queen size Batik Trip Around the World.
                        Purple snowballs measures 64 by 72

Here are my Purple Mountains, a quilt I made totally from my purple and white-on-white stash. It is a very easy pattern, and I've made several quilts from it. The pattern is at

It measures 71 by 65. You may click on the photo to see a larger version.

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Some quilts will benefit Relay For Life 100%. Other quilts will benefit Relay only partially. I have quilting expenses which need to be met.

The buyer will pay postage. Quilts which are to be shipped will be sent via UPS insured for the sales price. I will add $50 for shipping to the PayPal invoice and refund any extra paid towards shipping when the quilt is shipped.

Quilts will ship within 48 hours of payment if possible. (Depending on if I am home or not)

Arrangements can be made to pick your quilt up in person in the Delmarva, northern Delaware and Lancaster areas.

All quilts are new, but will have been washed before they are shipped. Why? I want to remove hand oils and lint and threads before I ship them.

All sales are final.

If you like one of my quilts and would like to make a serious offer, email me.

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