It's you versus your stash, who is the stronger player... my guess is you can beat it, or at least put a huge dent in it.

Say what? OK I am not a huge fan of football, and I could care less who plays in what bowl anymore..but I do like to sew and I do like to use up my stash. So I hosting the first ever Delaware Quilts Super Stash Bowl. Do you have a huge amount of fabric you have no idea what so ever to do with? Do you have piles of scraps just waiting for the perfect quilt pattern?

Well let me tell you, there is never going to be a perfect pattern, but I sure can help you use up your stash. Join me on Super Bowl weekend and I'll pass out directions to make a lovely stash quilt, and use up some of your stash.
1. Will this be a beautiful quilt? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it depends on who is beholding. It also depends on your stash, and how well you follow directions.
2. Will it be an ugly quilt… see #1
3. Will it be hard… not if you follow directions
4. What are the fabric requirements… you need fabric
5. What are the yardages… depends on how many you have
6. Can I use scraps… if you have them, use them
7. Will you post precutting directions…. yep
8. Will there be any pre-sewing… nope
9. Will this be a complicated pattern with a lot of little pieces… nope
10. Will there be triangles (a.k.a. DHSs or HSTs)… yep
11. Will there be prizes… good idea… maybe
12. When do we start… Saturday February 6th

For now, get all your scraps sorted into two piles, light and darks. Have a lot of mediums, make a pile just for them. Sometimes those mediums can be darks (next to white) and sometimes they can be lights (next to black) so you can use them too.

What size scraps? Hmmm let say 6 inch squares. Don't have six inch scraps, then cut them into 5, or 4, or even three, but the smaller your scraps go the more you will need to make a decent quilt.

Have lots of fat quarters? Then you can use them too, I'll show you how before that weekend.

What other tools will I need? Scissors help, and a rotary cutter, mat, good ruler, good marking pencil, sewing machine cleaned and ready to go with a new needle, lots of bobbins pre-wound, and thread too, if you want the quilt to stay together well. I'd throw your favorite crock pot recipe in the pot too, so cooking is taken care of.

And if you can't be there that day, not to worry, the pattern will stay on line. My gift back to all the quilters who have been so generous in helping me with my Relay For Life fundraising.

Step Two

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