Part two
As I said in the introduction to this project this is a scrap user, but you are allowed to use FQs and even yardage if you want to. The goal of this project is to use up some of your stash.

To get started you need to sort your scraps. If you want to use them, now is the time to get them organized and “cleaned up.” I suggest that you sort them into piles or if necessary baskets or boxes, depending on how many you have.

Once you have them all sorted, take them out and press them. You can use an iron if you want, or you can just make neat piles and stack books on top of them, it's up to you. I can assure you they will lay nicer and be easier to use if you use that iron thing… it works miracles. As you are pressing them, have a ruler of some kind there to get a general idea what size you have the most of.

Hint… anything UNDER two inches, toss back into the scrap pile for another project. You could use them for this one, but you will need a lot more of them, and it's a lot more work. (Personally, anything under two inches isn't a scrap, it's trash, so I file them in the circular bin.. remember, I don't appliqué)

If you are using fat quarters, or even skinny ones, or yardage, just press them neatly, and keep them in a different pile.

Colors, these are important. The more colors the prettier your project will be. This is most certainly not a project from someone who does not like scrappy, although those control freaks can adapt these instructions and use coordinated newly bought fabrics and get a lovely finished project quilt to… but they won't be stash busting will they?

And while I'm on that control freak subject, if you are someone who likes controlled scrappies, then this project is for you too. Just pick a lot of the color you like best… not just one red but LOTS of reds. Or not just one teal but lots of teals. And pick another color that contrasts with the first color you picked. If my favorite color was purple… hey, wait it is purple… I would pick a lot of another color that contrasts purple, like a lot of pinks. (Funny, I have no pink in my stash at all, guess I will have to sit this one out… sure, like I don't have a billion other scraps I can use. )

Contrast is important too, which is why I suggested you sort into two main piles or lights and darks, and a third one of in-betweens. Sometimes those mediums can be darks (next to white) and sometimes they can be lights (next to black) so you can use them too. You can use them all.

Hey, while I am thinking about it, have some uglies in your stash you want to get rid of? You know, something you bought but were temporarily blind when you did, or something your mother-in-law who doesn't sew bought you as a gift, or even some ugly your dearest quilt friend gave you as an April's Fool's joke one year? Get that fabric out and use it now!

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Step Three

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