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So in reading over the Super Bowl materials I am assuming that I would be separating my squares into two piles, lights and darks. And if I came up with128 of each and paired them up I would then move forward and make those pairs into HSTs. And that since this is scrappy, color is not an issue.
Yes that is correct. You can have more or less, those were just a suggestion. And we might throw in some non-DHSs too, you know those square things... but don't worry about them until next weekend.

I'm not a scrappy person, can I color coordinate this?
You sure can, just use lights and darks of your favorite colors, as long as they contrast.

Do we have to have a certain number of each?
I could suggest a number, but it would depend on what size your squares are. Smaller takes more, bigger takes less. But what is important is that you have the same number of each. You pairs of contrasting colors, either lights and darks, or lights and mediums, or mediums and darks, or mediums and lights. As long as they contrast and as long as they are in pairs. Then you start marking and sewing and cutting.

Should I press them all?
Oh yes, press each and every one of them, I suggest you press to the dark side and then place them some place where they will stay nice and neatly pressed till kick off.

Sorry to bother you but I just want to be sure I have this right. I get how we should make HST from light and dark fabric and that the size doesn't matter as long as they are all the same. My question is...how many should we make? I'm sure it depends on the size of the quilt and the size of the HST but a little guidance would be helpful.
Since I don't know what size your squares are, or what size your DHSs will end up, I can't honestly answer that. I suggest you have at least 128 of each, but that's the best I can do for now.

How many squares do we need?
Wow, everyone seems to be hung up on a number. OK… I will say cut 128 of each. If you have large squares, you will have large DHSs and your quilt (quilts) will be huge. If you have tiny squares, you will have smaller DHSs and your quilt will cover your lap (maybe) unless you have a large lap. And who knows, you might want to add more to the DHSs and... well you will see.

Added February 2nd
No new Super Stash Bowl questions yesterday but one comment came in this morning that I have to share.
“Ok, now that I have cheated and seen the finished quilt"

When I read this I got a good case of the giggles… no one knows what the finished quilt is yet, not even me. I'm not sure what this quilter thinks she saw, but I sure hope she isn't sewing her DHSs together yet. With most of my recent mysteries, as the ladies on the Mysteries For Relay group will tell you, there are choices when it comes to finishing, design decisions to be made. And this is one of those cases.

So, Dorothy .. I suggest you just wait until Saturday before you put anything together. You have some decisions to make before you start putting a quilt together. I will be giving you choices!

And that's all I'm going to say about that for now!

Added February 4th
“How can we know how large our project will be if you don’t tell us what sizes to cut things?"
OK, I know this is confusing, but you have to put up with it. It would be physically impossible for me to visit everyone before Kick Off to see how many scraps you have and how big you are cutting your squares and how well you are sewing, pressing and what size your DHSs end up. I just can’t do it, bad knees, bad weather, high gas prices, etc. And besides, you all live all over the place and I need to be home by Saturday to post the Kick Off directions!

Nor can I tell you what size finished project you will end up without knowing how large your squares are and how many you have. NOW… please, don’t email me that information either, because I will not calculate for each and every one of you what size your project will finish. You just have to have a little bit of faith that I know what I’m talking about and you will understand once the rest of the directions are posted.

I already said that if you cut your scraps and stash six inches and if you have 128 scrappy light six inch squares and 128 scrappy dark six inch squares, you could end up with an approximately 80 inch square quilt.

That’s all I can tell you for now.

“Just how much fun are we allowed to have? Be precise!
Your resident smart aleck"

Well, everyone else can have all the fun they want with this project. But, since you are such a smart aleck, you can’t have any fun until the second quarter of the game. Snicker… teach you to be funny with me… (giggling madly, we can both be silly)

Time for Kick Off (or the next step)

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