Our Fifteenth Year of Retreating!

Judging the Uglies
Foggy morning

Dawn finishing her 2010 retreat project
Sisters Cindy, Candy and Dawn

Our 15th Anniversary Dinner

The moustache retreaters, believe me, you had to be there to understand. And it was all Marji's idea, bless her silliness.
This is the photo taken before I finally noticed the moustaches which the ladies would slip on while I was running to get into my seat as the camera timer ticked away.

And Amy took this group shot after I got over my laughing fit.

Anne sewing
Laurie sorting

Lois, Anne and Kate modeling the Retreat sweat shirts
Cheryl working on her Hawaiian appliqué

Amy reading directions (smart Amy!)
Donna thinking

Ann and Kate reading directions (smart)
Gail sewing

Sharon keeping busy
Jane taking a break

Dawn deep in thought
Cindy doing who knows what

Mariann working on her Hawaiian appliqué
Candy working on her soldiers' bags

Show and Tell
Kate and Lois' Christmas Samplers

Another joint project by Kate and Lois

Two more projects by Lois

One more by Lois
Mother/Daughter projects by Donna and Jill

Either Donna or Jill's (someone remind me!)
Pretty sure this one was Donna's

Back of Laurie's quilt

Laurie's hand dyed block swap quilt
Ann's 1600 quilt

Gail's Trees
Anne's antique broken dishes

Another antique quilt
And another antique, all three are for sale to benefit Relay, send me an email

Kate's jacket

Mariann's Mariner's compass
Dawn's NYE mystery

Dawn's completed 2010 Retreat project
Candy's quilt

Rose's project
Cindy's almost finished project, she wants it larger

Cindy's first quilt
Another Cindy quilt

Anne's project for her sister Liz
Marge and her sisters-in-law

An almost finished project
Ann's monkeys (although I never found one monkey in there?)

Now! If you have not made your deposit yet, you have till the end of the month to do so. Here is a link to next year's web page with PayPal links.

One question for everyone… would you like a group dinner again? If yes, let me know and I will book it for us. (Cost will be $20 per person)

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Posted November 14, 2011