Delaware Quilts
Someone once asked me how I swapped blocks...

Here is the process I used to swap the sand stars.
First I laid out all the baggies, each bag a different person's stars.
I had piles on the kitchen table
and on the porch table

Then I removed the stars from the baggies, and started swapping.

(The blue blocks are not part of the swap,
but part of the quilt on the back of the sofa)
I swapped on both sofas,
and on the coffee table too.

I had some supervision.
I carefully placed one star on each pile, being extra watchful not to give one person the same star twice.
And when I was finished, I laid out each person's stars, double-checking that there were no duplications.

Looked good to me, so I rebagged them, and got them ready for mailing.


Updated July 15, 2020