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Special Snowball Project
So what goes with a snowball nicely... There are a lot of blocks. Let's look first at blocks which are already on the BOM list. Pretty much any nine patch block will go nicely, but some are nicer than others.

As I update this page I will put the most recent blocks at the top of the page.

I borrowed this photo from this blog because I think this is a truly striking scrappy snowball and I had to share it with you all. Snowballs are wonderful regardless of what season they show off!
  On the left is a diagram of a Calico Puzzle block made to coordinate with a four corner snowball. Each one of the four corners of the snowball is a different color, and the Calico Puzzle uses those same colors.

If you simplify that as shown on the right, it gives you a different look.
Here is a Churn Dash block (a.k.a. Hens and Chickens, Hole-in-the-barn-door, Indian Hammer, Joan's Doll Quilt, Lincoln's Platform, Love Knot, Ludlow's Favorite, Old Mill Design, Picture Frames, Puss-in-the-corner, Quail's Nest, Sherman's March, Double Monkey Wrench and more) set with a Snowball. I have seen this quilt in an Amish Quilt shop in Lancaster.    
Ribbon Quilt block goes nicely with Snowballs. And look what happens when you reverse the light and dark on the snowballs, a whole new look.
And how's this for a good looking quilt, made with a simple Shoo Fly block alternately set with a Snowball.    
      Here's the basic nine-patch block which goes great with the snowball.

Here is a diagram of the quilt that inspired this special snowball project. As you can see it has a classic light and dark contrasting nine-patch blocks, which to me brightened up the quilt a lot.

Here is a nine-patch snowball quilt my friend Kim made as a baby shower gift. I asked her permission to use her photo and asked her what inspired her in making it. She replied "I sat down with a pile of fabric and started with the 9 patches and thinking all cream blocks were too plain decided to make the snow balls- is it my design? Probably not since 9 patch and snow balls are a classic design. Have I seen one done the way I did it? No."

The design is very simple really, all the same nine-patch blocks and snowballs, just two blocks and look how gorgeous. (Thanks Kim for allowing me to use it!)

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Updated June 19, 2010

Snowball 2010 Delaware Quilts
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