Delaware Quilts
My Quilting Photo Journal

1999 - 2000

Please note as you view these photos, the sizes may not be all proportional. You might see a quilt that looks as small as a wall hanging or vice versa.
Below is my very first BIG commission quilt. Not my
favorite but the customer loved it and that was what counted!
And on the right a simple 9-Patch being inspected by
the quilting inspector.

#197 was made as a sample for a class called Scrappy Log Cabin and was made using all floral fabrics. There were light florals and dark florals and they all came together to create this lovely quilt. #198 was made as a gift. I wish I had a better photo, it really was a beautiful quilt.

#200 #201 #202
Below is another commission for the same customer, and I loved this one.



#215, #216 & #217

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Updated April 29, 2013

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