Part Five
What comes next? If you have cut your squares into your perfect size, great. If not you can cut now. Remember not to go too small unless you don't mind small and making twice as many. Once you have yours cut and paired, then you need to mark them. See "How to make just two DHSs or HSTs" for the how to on marking them.

If you are using FQs or yardage, have you paired them up lights and darks? Did you draw the grid on them yet? If not, that's next for you. See "Making lots of the same DHSs or HSTs"if you need help with that.

And once you have them all marked using which ever technique you want to use, I guess you can start sewing. Just keep on using up those scraps and that stash, and make lots and lots of diagonal half squares or whatever you wish to call them.

Now look, let's get this out of our systems because I can hear the groaning… DHSs or HSTs might not be the easiest thing to make, but they make our quilts so much prettier. Oh yea I know there are a lot of pretty quilts that are just squares, but after a while those squares start to look boring. And using up your scraps, stash etc is boring too, so let's make all those scraps and some of those ugly leftovers into gorgeous quilts by making them into diagonal half squares.

Because you have NO pattern in mind, yet, and because you are cutting your squares whatever size YOU wanted to cut them, you can make your DHSs whatever size they happen to come out. If you cut your squares six inches, you might have 5 5/8 inch DHSs. What's wrong with that, nothing at all. No, nothing wrong with whatever size you end up with, AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!

So how do you achieve that miracle… you mark carefully, sew carefully, cut carefully and press them all the same. (I suggest that you press to the darker fabric for all those who are going to ask.) If you do all of those carefully, then you should end up with a whole bunch of DHSs ALL THE SAME SIZE.

And if not, well you did it to yourself so don't complain to me… if they are not all the same size then you will have to square them back to a common size. How? Look at Method C: on the bottom of this page.

That's it for now, get to work and start making those beauties. Use up your scraps, stash leftovers that you don't know what to do with, those uglies you have laying around, get rid of all that excess. You can come back later and thank me for helping you clean up your sewing room, guest room closet, dining room hutch, or wherever you happened to stick your stuff.

I will not be posting any more clues or directions for this project until next weekend when the Super Stash Bowl will officially kick off. I will answer any and all questions you send me. I'll start off right now with one that came in last night while I was sleeping…

“I thought this was to start next weekend?” Yes, it WAS to start next weekend, but with so many people stuck in their homes due to ice and snow, and just plain cold, I decided I would give everyone something to do. That other Super Bowl thing doesn't start till next Sunday, but you don't think they are sitting around doing nothing do you? Heck no, there is a full schedule for this whole week.. there's lots happening down there in Miami this week, and now you can join in with your own Super Stash Bowl pre-game activities.

Next some questions and answers

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