Delaware Quilts


Please note as you view these photos, the sizes may not be all proportional. You might see a quilt that looks as small as a wall hanging or vice versa.

Can you tell I love purple? The quilt above was Ann Smith’s NYE mystery for 2005-2006 and was fun to make.

Below are my Purple Kitties and Friends.

I bought these chickens from Sindy Rodenmayer of FatCat Patterns and made them into this wall hanging, then raffled it off to raise money for Relay For Life, thanks Sindy.         #327
#328       #329

Below is my first large strings quilt and my dear friend Jamee bought it before I even had it finished! I have visiting rights.

#331     Spinning Stars is one of my BOMs, and I wanted to make a bed quilt with just that block. The result was Christmas Stars and one of the quilts that just had to be hand quilted. Donna did a great job. This quilt can now be found home in PA at my friend Carol's.
The 2006 BOMs were all stars and the result of my samples is this Star Sampler. A list of all the stars can be found here.     #332

#333       #334

#335       #336

#337       #338

#340             Here are two versions of my Crooked Stars. The B&W one was made using up booboo cuts from quilt # 319. I couldn't let them go to waste, so I made Crooked Stars #340.


#342       #343

#344       #345       #346
#344, #345 and #346 are baby quilts, special ordered by a UofD student.


Below is another one of Ann Smith's designs.


#352             Here's another version of Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Mountains, only I made them into waves. The quilter even added fish.

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