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2011 BOM Sampler
For 2011 I decided to go with a certain style of block. These blocks certainly will make a nice sampler, but will make terrific quilts when combined with each other too. Some of the blocks might look exactly alike to you, but take my word for it there is a slight difference in each one.

I used only four colors although you certainly could use more if you wanted. My fabrics were actually scraps that I had a lot of and that just happened to go together nicely. I knew I didn't have enough of a few of them to use for the whole project, but I also knew I had similar in my stash to supplement when needed. To coordinate your sampler if you like, choose a print fabric and then get other colors that are in that print, or that compliment and/or contrast with that print.

(I actually ran out of my black and white prints, so my quilt only has 12 blocks.)

My fabrics were white-on-whites, black and white prints, blacks and a red.

If I was going to make a sampler with all new fabrics and didn't know exactly how it was going to go together, I would get three yards of each fabric. If you are using up stash or scraps like I did, pull fabrics that coordinate, compliment and contrast.

There are many options for putting together samplers, I decided this one would have sashing and setting blocks. I would need to buy 1 1/2 yards of fabric for the sashing if I didn't have it in my stash. My sashing was a white-on-white, which I had plenty of, and I had extra of my red.

Block #1 -
Four Patch Chain
Block #2 -
Alpine Cross
Block #3 -
Handy Andy
Block #4 -
Grandma's Favorite

Block #5 -
Red Cross
Block #6 -
Block #7 -
Cat's Paw
Block #8 -
Dove in the Window

Block #9 -
Jack in the Box
Block #10 -
Maple Leaf
Block #11 -
The Best Friend
Block #12 -
Game Cocks

Block #13 -
Four Patch Snowball
Block #14 -
Garden of Eden
Block #15 -
Crazy House
Block #16 -
Rolling Square

Here's a picture of my 2011 BOM Sampler, just 12 blocks and just one booboo. I didn't notice my mistake until after it was quilted and there was no way I was going to take the quilt apart and fix it. I am happy with it, booboo and all!

BOM Sampler 2011 Delaware Quilts March 2012

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