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2008 Block of the Month Sampler

My idea for 2008 was to make a sampler quilt with new to Delaware Quilts blocks, and I have done that. Below is a diagram of my sampler.

If you don't like the block I've used, you may choose another 12 1/2 inch block for your sampler. And you certainly don't have to stop at 12 blocks, you may go as large as you want.

I have made a twin size sampler. The quilt has three main colors, my background and two other contrasting colors, a light and a dark of the same color family. I set it with sashing made from another color, and then used my lighter fabric as the outer border.

If you plan to make a larger quilt, you will need more blocks, or will need to set your blocks with an alternating plain block. Here are some layout suggestions, and estimated yardage requirements to go with each setting. Why only estimated? I can’t tell you exactly how much fabric you will need, because I am not sure how you cut, or how many times you might change your mind about your color selections. You might cut one strip the wrong size (I did) and then not have enough if I tell you exactly how much you need. Or you might change you mind about which color you want to use where in a block (I did) ..., so I estimate.

The blocks shown are the blocks which the patterns are on line, see below to link to each one.
The pink blocks would be setting blocks, the same color I am showing as my background.
Of course these are just suggestions; you may make YOUR sampler anyway pleasing to you!

Yankee Puzzle   Pinwheel       Cheyenne
Pinwheel Star       Darting Birds       Sarah's Choice

16 Patch Sawtooth Star       Hope Of Hartford       Flying X

Dutchman's Puzzle       Whirlpool Jack's Delight
This is a diagram of my quilt. I used two yards of each of the three colors, light and dark purple and the WOW background. I used less than yard of the sashing fabric, and then had just enough fabric from my light purple for the border.

This quilt is about 54" by 70"

For this layout I would need an additional 3 ½ yards of my background fabric for the setting blocks. This layout uses 13 pieced blocks, but the two yards of each of my three fabrics is more than enough to make all of the blocks.

This quilt would be 90 inches square when finished

These two samplers are set on point. Both have the same number of sampler blocks in them, and are set with alternating background colored blocks.

You would need an additional two yards of your background for both quilts. The quilt on the right has additional borders on it making it larger, and those borders would require 1 ¼ yards for the wider border and ¾ of a yard for the narrow inner border.

The quilt on the left would measure 70" x 86" and the quilt on the right would measure 81" x 98"

The side triangles are made from 19 inch squares cut in quarters diagonally. (How do I know that? You have a 12 1/2 inch block, so you multiply that by 1.414 which would give you 17.675 to which you add 1 1/4 (or 1.25) That equals 18.925, which is close enough to 19 that I would cut my side triangles 19 inches. To assure that the stretchy side of that square is not on the outside of the quilt, you cut that 19 inch block in quarters diagonally.)

The corner blocks are made from 13 ½ inch squares, cut in half once diagonally. (The measurements for the corners are the easiest to figure, simply add one inch.)

And here is a photo of my finished 2008 Sampler.    

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