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2009 - 2010 BOM Sampler Quilt Project

One of my readers asked me “What happened to the 2010 project”

While I don't normally have a specific project for every year's BOMs, apparently some people, including Kathy, enjoyed seeing what could be done with the blocks other than the quilts I show on each BOM page. I had planned on making a large sampler quilt but I never found the perfect floral background. Since she asked, here is 2009-2010 Sampler, just as a suggestion of how you might put those blocks together.

I started this series of BOMs in August 2009. They were all pretty basic blocks and the only thing that made them different from other BOMs was that I used all the same fabrics in them, which is what you would do if you were making a coordinated sampler quilt of course.

Here is a sampler using all of the BOMs from August 2009 through December 2010, with the exception of a month or two. They are in order as I would have used them if I had ever found that perfect floral background. (Going left to right and each block name in the list is a link to that block.)

Row One:
Weathervane, Swamp Angel, Hourglass, Whirligig

Row Two:
Double Monkey Wrench, Rail Fence, Greek Cross, Water Wheel

Row Three:
Dublin Steps, Snowball, Courthouse Steps, King's Crown

Row Four:
Ribbons, Slanted Diamonds, Indiana Puzzle, Sister's Choice

If I was purchasing fabrics to make such a sampler I would get extras of course, that's how we build our stashes. However, I also like to allow for mistakes, we all make them, and I allow for changing my mind on colors in certain blocks. Here are the fabrics requirements that I would have used if I had ever found that perfect floral.
Background - floral - 3 yards
Darkest colors, blue and green - 1 1/2 yard each
Remaining colors, medium and light blue and medium and light green - 1/2 to 1 yard each, depending on how much I liked them. (Like I said, I always get extra!)

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