To link to my many Blocks, click here! You'll find them listed by diagrams and sizes. Some even include quilt patterns and more will be added as I get around to it. Find out more on my Facebook page

I've decided to sell some of my quilts, I can only put so many on my bed you know. When I started selling in July I had over 200 quilts and wall hangings. What I have online now are all of the finished quilts and wall hangings I have left that I want to sell. I want to save some for myself and for gifts and many have been used and are not sellable.

            Here is a link to my remaining wall hangings, they went fast. Find Wall Hangings Here

            Would you like to know how your group or guild can use BOMs or patterns from Delaware Quilts? Please check here.

           Does your group enjoy doing a good mystery project? Delaware Quilts has over 40 mystery quilts to offer in exchange for a donation to the American Cancer Society through my Relay For Life. Email me for more information.

           My boys have grown up and are happily married and have given me grandchildren to love and enjoy. Updated December 19th

           And my Quilting Photo Journal is still up, please feel free to browse through all the quilts I've made. I will be redoing those pages sometime this year to note quilts which I still own, and which ones will be for sale. (I need to limit my inventory and raise some money for Relay!)

           On this page you can learn about Delaware Quilts.

            Delaware Quilts started as a fun web site in September of 1997 for me to post information about a quilt retreat I was arranging for some internet friends. Those retreats ended up lasting twenty-four years and went from one retreat a year in Lewes Delaware to two a year in Bird-in-Hand Pa a few years later. There were years we had three and four and even one year of five. I hosted a total of sixty-five retreats attended by 299 ladies from four different countries and at least 31 different US states. It was a life changing experience for me, and I am thankful that I did it. I made some friends that I hope will stay with me for the rest of my life. After covid put a stop to our retreats two years in a row, I decided it was time retire from retreating. Do I miss it, you bet I do, especially all my ladies!
           One thing my ladies always enjoyed while retreating was fabric shopping. On this page you can find a list of some of the stores where the retreaters used to shop for their fabrics.

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Updated September 20, 2023

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